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Reheat/Heating Sizing Calculator

Adicot's Reheat/Heating Sizing Calculator is designed for engineers and HVAC professionals. The user inputs the airflow rate, the leaving coil temperature, and the entering coil temperature, and the calculator generates the appropriate reheat heating capacity. The webpage provides a user-friendly interface with clear instructions. The webpage is designed for easy access and usability, making it a valuable resource for anyone in the HVAC industry.


  1. Select US or Metric Units

  2. Enter the Reheat Coil Airflow, CFM [l/s]

  3. Enter the Leaving Reheat Coil Temperature, oF [oC]

  4. Enter the Entering Reheat Coil Temperature, oF [oC]

  5. The results are displayed in the Heating Coil Capacity Table

Note: for Reheat Coil Sizing Calculations, the Leaving Coil Temperature is customarily set to the room heating setpoint, and the Entering Coil Temperature is customarily set to the cooling coil leaving air temperature.


Heating Coil Capacity = 1.0882 x Q x (TEntering -  TLeaving)

where:Q = Aiflow, CFM [l/s]

TEntering = Entering Coil Temperature, oF [oC]

TLeaving = Leaving Coil Temperature, oF [oC]

Reheat Sizer
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