HVAC Load Calculations

Sound Engineering Principals to Ensure Accurate Heating Load Calculations for Florida Unique Climate


Accurate, Room-by-Room HVAC load calculations help you properly size your HVAC equipment and also achieve a highly efficient duct layout.  Also, check out our full duct design services.  


Cooling/Heat Load Calculations Include:

  • Room by room load calculations

  • For Commercial Projects: PE's summary sheet per the FBC to submit to the building department

    • A full report including:

      • Supply air requirements

      • Ventilation Schedule per zone

      • Cooling & Heating Load Details

      • Load Total Summary (including and excluding ventilation and plenum loads)

      • Psychrometrics

  • For Residential Projects: ACCA Approved Manual S and ManualJ


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Energy Calculations Florida

2020 Florida Building Code Energy Code Compliance Calculations for all size projects.  Trust your Licensed Professional Engineer to get fast accurate results for your project.    Also, check out our full mechanical design services. 


Energy Calculations Include:

  • Initial analysis with given specifications to generate an energy score.

  • Energy modeling to provide options to make non-compliant projects compliant.  

  • Consult with the client to decide which energy enhancements will be added to the project and re-evaluate the project to generate a new score.

  • Input Report and Output Report as required by 2017 FBC

  • Your energy calculation will be created, signed, and sealed by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer.

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