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Psychrometric Chart Calculator

Adicot's Psychrometric Chart Calculator is a technical tool that enables users to calculate and analyze various parameters related to the thermodynamic properties of air. The webpage features a user-friendly interface that allows users to input values for key parameters, such as dry-bulb temperature, wet-bulb temperature, and relative humidity, and then generates corresponding results for other parameters, including dew point temperature, enthalpy, and specific volume.


  1. Select Metric or US units

  2. Select the first input parameter:

    • Temperature,Dry Bulb, oF [oC]

    • Temperature,Dew Point, oF [oC]

  3. Enter the value of the first selected input parameter

  4. Select the second input parameter:

    • Temperature,Wet Bulb*, oF [oC]

    • Relative Humidity, %

  5. Enter the project's altitude 

  6. Click the Calculate button

  7. The results are shown in the Results table

Temperature,Wet Bulb, is only available as an input when the first input is Temperature,Dry Bulb


The formulas are based on the 2021 ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook. 

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