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Calculate Condensate Rate Calculator 

Adicot's Condensate Rate Calculator calculates Condensate Generated across a Cooling Coil.  It provides an efficient and accurate way to determine the amount of condensate that is produced under specific operating conditions, which can be useful for Condensate Pump or Dehuhimidifier selection.



  1. Select US or Metric Units

  2. Select whether to enter the Temperature as the Dry Bulb Temperature (TDB) or the Dew Point Temperature (TDP).

  3. Enter the Initial and final conditions of the TDB or TDP based on your entry for item #2 above. 

  4. If you selected TDB in #2 above, select whether you will next enter the TWB or Relative Humidity [RH%]. If you selected TDP in #2 above, you will enter the RH%.

  5. Enter the initial and final conditions of the TWB or RH%

  6. Enter the air flow rate, CFM [l/s]

  7. Enter the altitude of the project, ft [m]

  8. Click the Calculate button

  9. The results and all the psychrometric parameters are shown in the Results Table.



This calculator can be used in US or Metric Units.  The user inputs leaving and entering coil conditions as Dry Bulb or Dew Point Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature or Relative Humidity, coil Airflow rate, and project altitude.  The formulas to calculate the psychometric of the initial and final conditions are based on the methodology outlined in the ASHRAE 2021 Handbook.  The change in the humidity ratio is used to calculate the Condensate Generated.

lb,moisture/hr = Q / n x w x C

    where:       Q = air flow rate, CFM

n= Specific Volume, ft^3/lb,dry air

w= Humidity Ratio lb,moisture/lb,dry air

C= 60 min/ hr

condensate rate
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