Privacy Policy

  • All information you enter and submit is collected.  This includes technical information submitted through forms and contact information submitted through the contact page.

  • The information submitted through forms is protected using Spreadsheetserver's secure server.  Information submitted through the Contact page is stored in Wix's Ascend app secure server. 

  • The technical calculators use cookies to store your information regardless of if you select submit; however, this information is stored on Spreadsheetserver's secure server and is used solely for your benefit.  This information is not provided to Adicot, Inc. unless you submit it to us using the Send, or Submit, or similar button. 

  • This data is used to understand how users are using the website and calculators in order that Adicot, Inc. can make improvements to the calculators and website design. 

  • You can control your data by not entering any sensitive information into the Contact page or into the calculators. 

  • We do not use any information you provide for marketing and we never share your information with anyone.