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Present Value & Future Value Calculator

This Present & Future Value Calculator takes into account factors such as the initial investment amount, interest rate, and the number of years for which the investment will be held. The user-friendly calculator provides accurate results, allowing users to make informed financial decisions based on their investment goals and objectives. 

This Engineering Economics Calculator solves for discrete compounding discount factors such as Present Worth (P), Future Worth (F), Single Payment Compound (A), Uniform Gradient (G), Given (i%,n). You can provide one or multiple inputs.


  1. Select the value for which you want to solve: 

    • Future Value (FV)

    • Present Value (PV)

    • Uniform Series (A)

  2. Enter at least one of the following inputs:

    • Future Value (FV)​

    • Present Value (PV)

    • Uniform Series (A)

    • Gradient Series (G)

  3. Enter both of the additional inputs:

    • Interest Rate per Period​

    • Number of interest periods

  4. Click the Calculate button

  5. The results will be displayed at the bottom of the table

  • Capital Recovery (CR): (A/P, i%,n)

  • Single Payment Compound Amount (SPCA): (F/P, i%,n

  • Single payment present worth (SPPW): (P/F, i%,n

  • Uniform gradient future worth (UGFW):(F/G, i%,n

  • Uniform gradient present worth (UGPW): (P/G, i%,n

  • Uniform gradient uniform series (UGUS): (A/G, i%,n

  • Uniform series compound Amount (USCA): (F/A, i%,n

  • Uniform series present worth (USPW):  (P/A, i%,n

  • Uniform series sinking fund (USSF): (A/F, i%,n

(Engineering Economics)

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