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Collecting Building Information

Updated: Mar 7

At Adicot, Inc. we collect the building information we need to complete our work using an internal Work Order; however, we are on the perpetual hunt to gather that information; and in the process, we have two main goals, accuracy, and to make the process as easy as possible for our clients.

We start the work order process by reviewing all documentation provided by our clients, reviewing the exterior of the building in Google Maps, and researching the applicable property appraiser's website. Sometimes we still need more information.

A recent project was an example of one which we still needed more information, and we felt that our client's method was so thorough, clear, and concise, that we wanted to share as a "best practice".

We presented the client with a bulleted list of information still needed to proceed with the project and he responded with a three-page document addressing each bullet point.

The beauty in the response is the layout on page 3. He provided some of the information directly on the layout, but then used a system symbols, letters, and numbers to link additional information.

We appreciated this client's efforts very much, and this clear, comprehensive delivery of information allowed us to work more efficiently and reduced the risk of mistakes.

We are lucky at Adicot to have such amazing clients! Thank you for making the process as easy as possible for us!

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