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Linear Interpolation 



Bi-Linear Interpolation

This Online Linear Interpolation Calculator is a powerful tool for accurately estimating values between two known data points. With easy-to-use input fields and real-time calculations, this calculator provides precise results in a matter of seconds. Try it now and streamline your data analysis process.


  1. Fill in values for x1 and x2, the bounding values for x

  2. Fill in values for  y1 and y2, the bounding values for y

  3. Fill in either x or y, and the calculator will solve for the other


Solve for y: y=y1+(x-x1)(y2-y1)/(x2-x1)

Solve for x: x=x1+(y-y1)(x2-x1)/ (y2-y1)

Linear Interpolation
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