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The state of Florida requires all facilities leased to a government agency, which are over 2000 sq ft, be analyzed for their energy efficiency.  Adicot, Inc. is experienced in providing this service to government lessors.  We pride ourselves in our high customer service, attention to detail, and ability to get results.



Every Energy Performance Analysis Includes...


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  • Energy Star Rating​

  • Computer Based Simulation:  If an Energy Star Analysis cannot be completed, the space earns a low Energy Star rating, the leased space is between 2,000-5,000 square feet, or if HVAC and/or lighting renovations are planned or required, a computer based simulation must be performed on the space. ​

  • Energy Cost Projection​

  • Full Energy Performance Analysis Report: The energy performance analysis is created in accordance with the Department of Management Service's (DMS) EPA guidelines.  Adicot, Inc. works closely with the DMS to ensure the report that is submitted has met all the requirements.




Use our Energy Performance Analysis (EPA) Widget to see if your property needs an energy performance analysis to lease to a government agency.

Energy Performance Analyses (EPA)

Language regarding the EPA taken from the Florida Legislature: CS/CS/SB 1074: State-owned or State-leased Space: “For leased facilities larger than 2,000 square feet in area within a given building boundary, an energy performance analysis that calculates the total annual energy consumption and energy costs per square foot shall be performed. The analysis must also compare the energy performance of the proposed lease to lease shall only be made where there is a showing that the energy costs incurred by the state are minimal compared to available like facilities. A lease may not be finalized until the energy performance analysis has been approved by the department (Representatives, 2013)."


Representatives, F. H. (2013). CS/CS/CS/HB 1145 2013 Legislature. Retrieved October 2014, 2014, from Florida Senate:

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