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Adicot, Inc. is a NCEES Model Law Engineering Firm for Multi-State Licensure 

Welcome to Adicot Engineering, where the art and science of HVAC engineering intertwine harmoniously. As a premier firm in the realm of HVAC excellence, we blend ingenuity and expertise to orchestrate optimal comfort and efficiency in every space. From designing cutting-edge systems that breathe life into architectural marvels to delivering innovative solutions that conquer complex challenges, we redefine what it means to feel at home truly.


Our passion extends beyond the confines of conventional engineering. As trailblazers in the digital domain, we proudly serve as a leader in free online HVAC Engineering calculators, empowering professionals and enthusiasts alike to easily navigate the intricate dance of temperature, airflow, and energy.  A sampling of our calculators includes Duct Size Calculator, Air Mixing Calculator, Interpolation Calculator, Condensate Rate Calculator, and Psychrometric Chart Calculator. Visit our HVAC Calculators page to see our full offerings. 

Welcome to Adicot Engineering, where HVAC mastery meets limitless possibilities and comfort knows no bounds.

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Sample Duct Layout
Sample 3D Duct Layout
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